Manipulate his ex: How to use positive manipulation?


You want to get your ex back and then you are interested in positive manipulation? How to make his ex-reason be heard despite the fact that he / she is firm in his decision to break up? How to change his mind ex gently to revive the flame in his relationship?

As you can see, I'm not talking about manipulation in the negative sense to get someone to do something they do not want and that would be harmful to them. On the contrary, in this article I will talk about the techniques I use in coaching to prove to his ex that we are able to make him / her happy! It is therefore positive manipulation because the main tool will allow you to manage the subconscious of your ex to send him a message that you absolutely want to transmit.

Manipulate your ex is mainly to send the right signals on specific points such as recovery and new life goals, or a perfect desire to find a beautiful complicity and a new agreement that will charm your ex indirectly. This without you having to make a big declaration of Love in parallel.
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How to master the unconscious of his ex?

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you must know that I have followed many trainings to come to be love coach. Indeed, I graduated from a master's degree in human sciences, coach training and a last in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which concerns the study of the brain and emotions.

Thanks to these trainings as well as my experience of more than 10,000 hours of coaching only in the reconquest, I can guarantee you that there is a powerful link between the unconscious and the recovery of his ex. That's why I want you to do the right thing at the right time. For this, you must fully regain control of the situation.

For master the unconscious of his ex, do not hesitate to perfectly adapt the tone of your voice, the words you use and obviously the attitude towards your ex because each step is important.
You must have one goal "to find an absolutely perfect agreement"! it is necessary to go a little unnatural because it will be necessary to forget this first desire which is of bring back his ex to himself, to focus exclusively on the need to refocus on creating a fantastic complicity to progress step by step.

If you are able to prove to your ex that he / she has been wrong in maintaining a great peace of mind as well as finding a peaceful dialogue, then you will be able to quickly return him / her without having to make big statements. of love…

Manipulate his ex positively: how to go about it?

You must know that there is a main need in all human beings, that of always seek to be accepted and promoted in his group. Thus, if your ex feels that you accept his decision without seeking to hear your opinion, you will have more chance to recreate a positive climate of reconquest.

So yes, you will lose some ground in the immediate future by showing that you accept the break but all this will especially allow you to get closer thereafter without your ex asks the question: "Is he trying to get me back ? “.

We must together go under the radar of the subconscious of your ex to make him want to invest more in your relationship and give you a new chance.

No doubt, for manipulate his ex positively it is necessary to begin by accepting his decision and you can even go even further by telling him how much you know that his suffering is strong ...

In a second step, we will alternate sentences of distance and recontact. The reconquest requires destabilize the spirit of his ex and for that, there is nothing better than to have a mix between distance and action, I will evoke precisely this new technique in the article of tomorrow (Sunday, June 28th).

Be careful, when I talk about action, I'm not asking you to show that you want to get it back! On the contrary, the opposite is true.You must understand that you NEVER recover a person from the past ... So leave the memories in the closet even those who were fantastic (at least during the period of reconquest) ...
Together we will be able to recreate everything from scratch to relive even more magical moments afterwards!

How to make my ex does not suspect my actions?

If the break causes many emotional blockages because you have trouble overcoming the decision of your ex, you should know that it is the same for him / her and this is good news. It is extremely complex to be able to turn the page of the past and to say that we must move towards new encounters.

These emotional and psychological blockages have a tendency to blind your ex who will never say that you want to recover if you do not perform bad actions like prohibitions or great declarations of love.
To prevent your ex to doubt your desires and to positively manipulate, I invite you to avoid disclosing your desires, your action plan or any form of interest in it. The more elusive you are, the better your chances of winning.

I know very well that in normal times you think it's necessary to tell him how much you hope for his return, but in reality you're mistaken in doing so and you do not use the positive manipulation wisely. This one is however a formidable weapon to manage to make return his ex.

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I wish you the best and I tell you on Sunday night!

Alexandre CORMONT, Your love coach to handle his ex properly.