Breakup therapy: The 3 tips to move forward!


Are you looking for a counselor to save your relationship and are you thinking of doing a couple therapy? How to find the love of your partner through the mediation of couples? How can a professional's outside help improve your relationship?

Since 2007 I have accompanied thousands of people to help them save their couple. The role of a love coach or a couple therapist is to accompany you to better communicate with your partner but also to find a common vision of the couple to promote feelings.

You can meet me alone or in pairs if you want to save your relationship or simply have an outside opinion to improve your daily life. Post-breakup therapy consists of doing work to open your eyes to the specificities of a relationship and the means to implement to fully enjoy your love.

Saving a couple is not an easy task and I know that normally you tend to ask for help from your loved ones. You do not know if a professional is able to fully help you. And yet, as a coach in love but also a couple therapist I was able to help thousands of homes to save their story in a very short time ... And you have the keys without knowing it because everything depends on your want and your involvement.

In this article, you will discover the role that a professional can take to guide you and ensure that you open your eyes to the blockages and problems that your couple encounters.

In concrete terms, how can outside help help you?

When we go through a bad luck in his relationship, we may have a tendency to say that tomorrow will be another day and that everything will be better ... This is not wrong but you must know that this famous "tomorrow" will certainly be more negative than the moment you are currently experiencing . If you let a lousy situation wither without saving you, you will not be able to hope for a positive change.

I will quote a quote from Albert Einstein that I find very accurate and that applies perfectly to the life of a couple: "The madness is to behave the same way but to wait for a different result".

If you leave your life as a couple without acting hoping that the complicity returns as if by magic and your partner finds his feelings, then you are wrong. As for every situation of life, if you do not make the necessary efforts then the "result", namely in your case the fact of having a fulfilling life of couple will decrease systematically from day to day.

That's why you have to first become aware of the problem you are having with your other half and make every effort to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Your loved ones know you perfectly but precisely, do they have the necessary perspective to help you find the solutions that are needed? You will have their support at best, but that is not enough to save a story.

That is why you must now take the exact measure of your situation and to save your couple do not hesitate to call on a specialized advisor, a professional of the romantic mediation which will allow you to define jointly with your partner solutions adapted to your couple and your respective needs.

Why 90% of couples who consult me ​​stay together?

There is nothing better than concrete numbers!

So know that about the last 10 couples who consulted me for a breakup therapy, 9 managed to revive their story and find happiness together, while they thought everything was lost. This figure is really flattering because the action of using a therapist couple is very often synonymous with last chance.

To continue to achieve such results, I implemented a methodology that allows each spouse to feel confident and to express themselves without fear or fear of being judged. You are at the center of my concerns and I make a point of honor to perform my work without putting myself forward and respecting your different points of view.

My method is to define the contours of the relationship that you would each want to have before joining them through specific actions. This is how a "moral contract" is put in place and allows you to better understand the needs of your partner to anticipate his desires to meet the daily.

Conversely, you are also more understanding or understanding towards your other half and you can aspire to obtain more well-being in your life as a couple and therefore in everyday life.

How to book a breakup therapy session?

My sessions couple coaching or marital therapy are unique and meet the requirements of my philosophy.Thus, I do not receive you in a closed office where you will feel cramped but in a calm and friendly place where you will both be comfortable to dialogue in the intimacy while being also in confidence not to not feel judged.

My role is to help you, not to debate the problems you have or the causes of them. Together, we will look to the future, to the positive, to the solutions and above all, to new actions to quickly implement to save your couple but also to help you find this happiness to two in everyday life.

You will leave with a double action plan, the first is centered on you and the second on your couple. We will discuss many topics together to conclude with the most important modalities.

Breakup therapy sessions are not set up to know "who's right and who's wrong?". It is not a question of a court of love to judge you in your marriage. NO ! My job is to save couples and this is what I want to bring you through my experience and my method that will allow you to get to the point and convince you that solutions exist for improve your married life.

I wish you the best and do not hesitate to contact me at 06 01 59 14 39 for more information on the modalities of the sessions.

If your couple is a priority then do not waste another minute.

Therapist and rescuer of a couple!