Love happiness: the essential notion of life together


What can both men and women look for in their lifetime? What is the common point between us all? What is the notion that is as important, if not more, than love?

Hello everyone, I am Alexandre Cormont, love coach and lecturer in love life. The subject I want to discuss in this article is likely to change your life. If I have the nerve to tell you this is simply because my philosophy is mainly focused on the concept of well being in love and has already allowed thousands of people to feel more fulfilled and therefore better in their lives but also in their couple.

I will immediately answer the three questions just above. And the answer will probably surprise you: it's about happiness! This is what will condition your existence because when we decide to do anything, we think above all the happiness that this act will provide us. For some it may seem selfish, but believe me it has nothing to do with egoism or self-centeredness. If not, your life would be bland and you would never reach your goals or dreams.

In fact, the real question is not why accessing love happiness is so important, but rather how do you reach it and especially what does it really mean ... luck because that's what I'm going to talk about right now!

So what is happiness exactly? It is true that it is a notion that is not the same according to who one is addressing. However, there is another point in common between all these people, it is not just the joy they are looking for but rather the happiness couple. Indeed, it is love that occupies most of the vote spirit. And if this is not the case yet, this article will prove to you that this feeling must be your priority because it will influence all the other areas of your life.

The human being is not made to live alone

Given my experience, I was able to support thousands of people who were facing various issues in their love life and who needed specific advice. I was able to help men, women, students, job seekers as well as wealthy entrepreneurs. Thanks to my interventions, I noticed and I always notice it, regardless of the age, the social condition or the sex of the person that I have in front of me or during telephone coaching, that the essential element in people's lives and both happiness and love. the combination of the two is stronger than anything!

In fact, to give you an idea, I invite you to do a little survey around you. Ask friends, family members or even colleagues what is most important to them. I am sure that the majority will answer you to be "happy" or "love".

Love and feel loved is a sensation that everyone wants to know.

But why is it so important to feel this emotion and share it with another person?

Simply because Man is constantly looking for the person who will make his heart vibrate. Men and women are not made to live alone. Solitude, whether friendly or sentimental, is the nightmare of most people. We all need someone by our side. From adolescence we feel this need love, of feelings and it lasts throughout our life.

On dating sites that are becoming more numerous on the web, you can see profiles that range from 18 to over 50 or 60 years, because as I explained to you, it is at any age that we want to find love and live happy / happy. Happiness in couples, brings extraordinary emotions, it is true that you can know disappointments but the steps that you will cross will mark your life forever. The first meeting, the seduction, the first meeting, the moving in, all these moments build the life of a couple and each of us wants to live them.

Of course, not everything is always rosy but if the sentimental life was too simple, then there would be no more pleasure! The happiness of two is essential because it is he who determines everything else.

When we are not happy as a couple it feels!

Happiness as a couple brings balance to your life. Not that singles or people who are in a couple crisis are depressed and are not able to experience strong moments, but to live a magical moment alone and share it with another person is not at all same feeling.

Lack of love or couple problems can also have negative consequences in other areas of life. Indeed, the impact of an unhappy love life is not limited to you and your partner.Whether at the professional level, friendly and even family, if your love life is problematic these three other areas dominating your balance will be affected.
Devoting yourself to his couple happiness not only for the sake of your love life, no, it's all your daily life that is concerned with the actions you will take to improve or preserve it (I will have the opportunity to go back in detail on the method to follow to carry out these actions in the next articles which you will be able to discover very quickly on my site).

If I want to make you aware of the importance of having a stable love situation, which fills you up and you want to protect it is also so that other areas of your life remain stable or improve in turn.

Do not confuse love bliss and emotional dependence!

If you have read this article carefully you have noticed that at no time do I say that the mere fact of being in a relationship ensures you permanent happiness. A beautiful love story gives you a lot of joy, a smile and that every day but being in a relationship and sharing a life does not necessarily mean being satisfied. Above all, do not get me wrong.

The search for a partner should not be done at the expense of your stability. As I explain regularly, before thinking of being stable with a person, it must be in his personal life. If your life is rickety for x reasons, then you will engage in a story that will be too. Stabilize yourself because this is the first step towards happiness in love.

I accompany many couples on the brink of rupture and for whom the arguments are daily. In some of these situations, it can be said that celibacy is preferable because misunderstandings can lead to seizures, stress, insomnia and even more serious health problems. One must not imagine that being able to seduce a man or a woman is the solution to reach out to happiness.

You must take action, make decisions to make your story truly beautiful, and from there you will be able to see that happiness as a couple has an impact on your daily life.

These are the moments that you will share with two who will make you aware of the luck you have and the importance of preserving the feelings of his partner.

Your coach for promote happiness in love