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Jealousy in love, where does it really come from?


Love jealousy spoils your life and you want to fight it? How to take control of your fears so you never have to worry about losing the other? How to undertake a work on oneself to overcome one's jealousy and increase one's confidence in the other but also in oneself?

Hello everyone and welcome to my website. I introduce myself, I am Alexandre CORMONT, personal development coach and in love life since 2007. To know more about me you can read my biography, but know that I have accompanied several thousand people in various situations and I can you guarantee that jealousy is a real problem for couples, not to say a societal problem it has a clear impact on the growing number of divorces.

On this site, I deliver advice on personal development to accompany you in your efforts to combat this plague that can destroy your relationship. I invite you now to do a job on your person to fight this trait of your character. Overcoming jealousy is not given to everyone because it requires answering two questions: " What are you fighting for? "and" How to create an effective action plan? ".

These are the two questions that govern my daily life. Passionate about human relations, I was able to make various findings on the packaging of jealousy and it is therefore all the results that I present to you within the site. If you want to overcome love jealousy you are in the right place!

In this first article, I was interested in the origin of the jealousy that affects nearly eight out of ten people and the different solutions available to you to fight it. I will go into more detail as you progress in the different stages that govern your course.

First of all, I want to thank you because this site has existed for several years and I receive many testimonials and encouragement. Feel free to share each article on social networks to keep this community growing. All your comments are also welcome.

Understand the exact origin of love jealousy

I like to start my sentimental coaching with a precise analysis of the situation. The goal is to no longer see jealousy as an impossible problem to solve but rather to seek the solution to your fulfillment.
For this, I use a sentence that sums up the situation perfectly. If you want to gain confidence and be less possessive you just have to repeat yourself:

"A known problem is already half solved"

If you are able to determine where your jealousy is coming from or to be simpler " why am I jealous sickly or jealous sickly "Then it will be easier for you to fight it.

I remember in particular Pierre, a 36 year old man who came to consult me ​​for a problem of sentimental jealousy. He could not stand that his friend Delphine could go out and have fun when he was not present.

Imagine, he could not spend a single quiet evening when she was not at his side. He was then consumed by doubts, assaulted by fear and constantly repeated that she was probably "going to find someone better". Then the evening degenerated and it was not less than a message sent every two minutes. And beware of her if she did not answer!

We worked together for 5 sessions to help him control the feeling that was causing his jealousy: the fear of abandonment, because very quickly we had pinpointed the main problem. Pierre was afraid that his girlfriend would find a man more interesting than him. In reality, he lived with the " constant fear of losing his wife, the one he loved more than anything ".

It did not happen overnight, there was a whole context that caused this phenomenon and especially an old break that went back several years. When he was still a student, Pierre was in a relationship with a girl and was really looking into the future with her. Unfortunately overnight and for no apparent reason, she left him and gave no news. Years after the trauma woke up because of her strong feelings for Delphine.

By analyzing precisely the situation, we have been able to establish that the best solution to combat his extreme jealousy was to put in place a plan that would allow him to create the life of his dreams and meet the expectations and needs of his partner while fighting against this spent painful lover.

It is by acting towards the well-being and the positive side that you will be able to say goodbye to your jealousy and not trying to fight against it by lashing out on your half, or by trying to deny your problems.We must act step by step because wanting to go too fast to fight the love jealousy will not allow you anything good.

What do you fear behind this fear of losing the other?

Now that you can more accurately determine the fear that is causing jealousy, you have to go back further to fight it as soon as possible. The majority of people I advise during a coaching session think that it is enough to know where it finds its source to overcome it. Unfortunately, this is not enough and you will have to explore the emotions you feel precisely to know where to start. To know the tips for eradicate the jealousy of one's daily life, this other article will help you.

Love jealousy is a sign of a lack of confidence that you have in everyday life and that manifests itself in situations where there is a strong stake. You can not fight against it if you are not able to analyze the emotional feelings and repercussions that the doubt causes in you.

Jealousy is actually the tree that hides the forest. This means that you will have to fight against something much bigger than you thought ... It's about YOU, that is, the inner self. To fight any form of ill-being and possessiveness, it is necessary to develop yourself personally and to follow an evolution to better control your life.

Jealousy is nothing but a reflection of your fears and your lack of confidence. That's why I'm going to guide you step by step to help you reconnect with your self-esteem and forget the stakes of an even unpleasant situation to focus only on what it can bring you next. With this in mind, individual support is essential, especially if you want to progress quickly and say goodbye to jealousy.


Your advisor to say stop to love jealousy