My relationship is bad: save your relationship in 3 steps!


"Coach, how to react when my relationship is bad?" Here is the question I received this morning from Christelle who absolutely wants to save his relationship from a break and revive passion in his relationship.

His love situation looks like a pattern that I often have to deal with in coaching, it is couples who have left the routine to settle in the relationship and can no longer find the joy of living between them. As much to tell you that the couple flounders and that the repercussions are numerous.

How to react in this type of situation? Should we take a step back to let his / her partner breathe or, on the contrary, prove her love by being ubiquitous and caring? What are the tips for expressing your feelings and pleasing your own half?
In this article, I will present my 3 simple tips to improve your life as a couple when everything goes wrong. Never let the routine or all the general problems of life to two settle in your relationship.

I invite you to share these tips now with your loved ones and all the people you think are affected by this type of situation. Have no fear, on the contrary, they will thank you.

My relationship is bad: how to react?

The first point I want to share with you is the need to analyze your situation in the most detached way possible. If the couple goes wrong, there is a main reason but also small details that cause problems and you must do everything to find them. In the majority of cases, you may consider that two things will cause this distance from your partner:

- You are too afraid of losing it and you constantly panic at the thought of being single.

- You considered that your partner was acquired and you forgot to maintain the flame.

In what situation are you? I recommend you answer in the comments so that I help you make the right decisions.

If you can pinpoint the source of the harm in your relationship then you will be able to combat the issues more easily. This is the first step to react.

Unfortunately, this analysis phase will not be enough if you plan to save your relationship. Indeed, when crises are omnipresent, I also recommend taking a distance while respecting a trick of the simplest:

No longer try to prove your feelings and respect the need for distance essential to revive feelings.

It is not by shouting "I love you" or by repeating it every day that you will necessarily make your voice heard because your goal today is to prove it other than by words. When we say my couple is badit is necessary to bring proof of your change and that passes by totally changed attitudes!

What does my partner need to flourish?

You can tell yourself that valuing your partner is a complex step and yet it is an exercise with experience that is extremely simple to set up. It is about half the reasons why it is the person in your life by going as far as possible in the details.

From this moment, you answer to a main need, that of valorization of the partner. If you know the pyramid of Maslow you must know that the need for esteem comes fourth. As a human being, we need to value ourselves and to see in the eyes of our loved ones the esteem they hold for us.

This is how I recommend that you regularly give a compliment to your partner (the ideal would be every two days) and of course without ever expecting anything in return, simply to please the person who shares your life.
Remember the second part of this sentence.

Christelle as all the people who trust me learn through my coaching to give without waiting to receive back, at least in a first time! This is the best way to not be influenced by his feelings and especially to transmit his love beyond everyday habits. Thus, you will fight the routine without even realizing it, it will become perfectly natural!

By following this ultra simple trick, you will have no trouble reviving your married life even when everything is going wrong.

Impose your ideas and relaunch passion in your relationship!

Once these two steps completed, the question that is asked to me is the following "Alexander, I am willing to question myself and please my partner, but how to make him / her express me his love to his tower ? ".

Of course, our goal is to save your couple and not to ask you in relation to your spouse.
This is how we move to the third step: Take control of YOUR couple's life to determine the precise contours.
The life of two is the central point of your happiness and you must first determine what are your particular desires.

It is difficult to revive passion in his couple when you feel like two strangers. That's why I also have a very simple tip to put in place.

Decide on an action, a moment or an activity that you die want to do and invite your partner to do it. You must follow this advice once a week. It can be a small afternoon in a SPA massage, a parachute jump, a weekend in the countryside, a karting test ...

It is the moment to put forward and to assume your desires. You have a chance in two to revive passion in your relationship if your partner agrees to accompany you but in case of refusal, you must not be destabilized (e) and you will have to live this new experience alone (e).

You will inevitably revive your personal life in terms of confidence and well-being!

whena couple is badyou must consider that it is also necessary to take back your personal life. If you are able to respect my 3 simple tips:

1 / Take a slight distance to respect the distance needs of your partner

2 / Empower your partner by saying a compliment every other day (and suspend all feelings!).

3 / Offer an exceptional activity per week

So you can easily save your couple from the routine, fear of losing your partner or all the other main reasons.

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I am waiting for your comments to help you personally.

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