The steps to break the routine in the couple!


When we notice that his couple has problemsand stagnant because the moments of happiness are not as frequent as in the past, it is that there are changes to be made in the relationship. Whether you have been in a relationship for a few months or a very long time, it is often the insidious routine that comes to provoke this phenomenon and lessen the feelings of the partner (s). In these conditions, you have to know how to break the monotony and change your behavior. For a man or a woman it is terrible to be in this kind of situation because the feelings are present but one can not move forward, and to show half how much one would like to go ahead. But still it is necessary to know how to break the routine in a couple!

Even if the monotony in the couple is not directly used as a reason to break, it is nevertheless an element that can have an important role in the decision to break. To take a concrete example, an infidelity is often linked to habits that are far too present, which are considerable in the couple, and which one can not escape.

So I hear that despite all your good will you may not know exactly how to break the routine in the couple. You doubt actions to put in place, how to operate to revive the flame and start from scratch. It is to answer your questions that I wrote this special report on the understanding to have but also on the actions to be taken to break the routine of a couple.

Routine couple and love: What dangers?

Before I go further and discuss the reasons why it is essential to break the routine, but especially how to achieve it, I would like to spend a few moments on the risks that this phenomenon can have on the life of the partners.

You do not have to be a coach to be aware of it, everyone will repeat it all the time: boredom is a real scourge for the human being and therefore by extension for a sentimental relationship. To be happy in love, you have to innovate in your relationship all the time. But that does not mean that you always have to find activities or time passes. Indeed, the reflection phase is just as important as the action phase.

Let me explain.

Why do you have to "think" to avoid the routine in your relationship?

If you are in a relationship with a woman who hates sports, buy two tickets for the weekend football match and offer to accompany you and the worst thing to do. One because she will refuse and so by behaving you so you will not be able break the couple's routine, but above all, and this is much more serious, because you will show him that you are no longer (or not) on the same wavelength.

I therefore consider that the main consequence of the routine is not directly related to the boredom that you or your partner may experience in the relationship but is much more comprehensive than that. You must absolutely show him, even if the monotony takes over, that you always have the same desires, the same dreams and the same goals of life.

In addition to this first danger for the couple, there are others that can have a greater or lesser impact depending on different criteria: the behavior of your half, his past, his desires ... Indeed, if your darling is a homebody then you will have less chance than daily routine weighs on your torque. On the other hand if your half is a hyperactive person who is always looking for new things to discover then you will have to bend over backward to know how to break the routine in his couple !

What are the other dangers of a monotonous couple life?

In addition to the factor mentioned above, there are also other parameters that can lead the right couple into the wall and having for cause the daily grind.

First of all, you can lose your libido and your attraction to your companion. When we fall into a sexual routine and that the desire is no longer present, tensions in the couple can have dramatic repercussions, especially if your half has big needs at this level

In the same way and to remain in the idea of ​​the frustration occasioned by the flatness of the marriage or the life of couple, the routine risks to create tensions. In general, one partner is always satisfied with inactivity but the other does not support it. As a result, the more time passes, the more one of the partners will feel frustrated.

It is also important to break the couple's routine because in the most extreme cases it can lead directly to extramarital relationship and therefore to an infidelity. And do not see a sexual question as mentioned above. Routine can reduce feelings for a person, and this can lead to someone else getting closer.

Finally, the main danger of the couple's routine is breaking. To avoid this, it is essential to ask the right questions but also to act in the short, medium and long term with an effective strategy.

Break the routine: Why is it essential for the well being of the couple?

I know that some people have a hard time seeing the truth and continue to act as if nothing had happened, but my role is also to warn you and not just to guide you through tips to break the routine. If you feel that your partner is distant, not fulfilled, if you realize that there is more the same passion, then you must act and quickly.

When we live with a man or a woman for years we could think, even if it is unconscious, that there is more effort to achieve, we have children, a house, a daily well framed. In these conditions there is no reason to continue his efforts simply because we got everything we wanted. Yet such reasoning is inconceivable because the seduction must continue throughout the relationship, and if you are not aware of this aspect then you go straight into the wall. I know that some praise the routine but I can guarantee you that it is not about coach! I who accompany men and women in their love life, I have never heard any positive things about this phenomenon ...

The fact that you are presently on my site nevertheless demonstrates an awareness and it is already a great step forward because it shows your state of mind and your wish to react. That's why I suggest you look closely at the video to break the routine which is below before putting anything into action and even continuing your reading.

Now that you know better my vision of things, and if this video could make you open your eyes on certain aspects, if you also realized that the flame goes out little by little, it is necessary to put in place some actions for find a little happiness and serenity in the couple to change the routine, or rather to transform, in good times to two.

How to get out of the routine in his relationship!

You are surely aware, the routine in the couple is a real scourge. Therefore the key word to overcome it and defeat it definitively is change! Indeed, when we want end the routine in a couple and to find complicity with two, we must avoid relying on its achievements and introduce novelty, but it does not mean that we will be able to upset everything overnight. You have to know how to be patient.

Of course, if you have a passion in common or that there is a place you love both you will not abandon everything, on the contrary. Everything is not to throw but you must act by small key to decorate the daily newspaper. In addition to what you already do, it is important to have new experiences and discover new things that will make you passionate. For that, it is still necessary to know the aspirations of his half!

How to avoid the routine in a couple?

This is the basis: you must understand what your partner is looking for in order to respond properly. For this you can ask friends, family and children. If you want to go there more directly, you can ask him what are his wildest dreams. All this will give you some leads.

By varying the different moments to two, by recreating new memories even stronger than the previous ones because they follow periods of tension, you will consolidate your relationship and be able to live a stronger, more intense love story even after 20 years of marriage and many children.

For break the routine in this daily too boring, you do not have to pick up the moon at his / her partner by organizing sumptuous appointments, by offering extraordinary gifts or by wanting to do too much. A good idea of ​​going out as a couple should come instinctively and do not force things.

Being simple and natural is a necessity when you want advance to two and so do not think about putting pressure on yourself or thinking that it's impossible to break the routine.

If your couple falters, if you feel that the feelings gradually disappear, it is time to act and you can perfectly do it by small actions but above all, it is necessary to be patient (e). You must be aware that if your relationship is not going well for a few years it is not a candlelight dinner that will change everything.

Your companion expects more from you and above all you will be judged on the duration. Show him that you are determined to avoid routine in the future.

How to break the routine!

This will probably surprise you, but to break the routine in your relationship, it is also important to have actions from a personal point of view.

Indeed, our companion may think that we are not sincere when we want to spend time together and start new passions, or that it is simply ephemeral and that we will soon fall back into our lives. through. Nevertheless, to avoid the routine in a couple or even to overcome it, one must first act on his side by showing a clear change.

A simple example. You must not promise to do new things, you must not wait for him / her to go out on a date. If you take individual initiatives then there he / she will see that this is not just to make him happy.

When one enrolls in a sport class, group outings, specific workshops, it is clear that one goes further than a romantic outing. Do not be afraid to take a certain distance, without applying the flee me I follow you! Why ? Because the routine in the couple is not only doing nothing new and falling into trouble, it can sometimes occur when you goTo stifle his / her partner too much.

So to wonder how to kill the routine in a couple is also to understand and accept that one of the solutions is a little distance or at least the respect of the secret garden of his half. It makes sense that your partner wants to spend time, sometimes, with other people than you and you have to accept it, do the same.

To know the precise way to go with actions that will have a real impact, I have developed a program that will really help you. To read it in detail you must click here: "program to break the routine with Alexandre Cormont

Mutual efforts are essential to break the monotony in the couple

I am aware that many will put in place strong actions, for get out of the routine in a couple you may have started doing it already and it's going to be a good thing. However, there may be a problem with your partner because he / she is not receptive to your efforts and you have a hard time convincing him or her to invest save the relationship and break the monotony in the couple.

In these moments, it is important not to be in love addiction and to force your man or woman out or start a new hobby. If your half is closed to a couple activity, then you will have to create a lifestyle and do not hesitate to live alone or with friends.

It is this evolution that will lead her to come back to you gradually and accept share moments together. The reason is simple, what you are going to do at worst leads him to question and at best interest him, from there the couple starts on the right track if you adopt the right attitude in your turn.

It is clear that you should not sit on your sofa if your partner does not want to do anything, you must show him that you can live and have a good time on your side. Seeing you come home smiling, seeing that your life is rewarding, it will automatically make him want to come and get closer to you!

To set up a tailored strategy to overcome the routine, I am able to guide you in determining a personalized strategy. For that, I let you discover the coaching formulas.


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