Fusional relationship in a couple, what dangers?


A fusional love is based on affinities of thoughts. This forms a symbiosis of the two beings that make up the couple. Unlike a passionate relationship, the fusional relationship can last in time and perfectly bind a man and a woman.

When two people merge and become one, it can be just as wonderful as problematic! Each couple goes through this phase of perfect harmony and total osmosis. However, this period has a limited duration in time and the relationship must evolve to allow everyone to progress in his personal life as well as in the couple.

A relationship full of passion is always special to observe and it involves some dangers such as forgetfulness of self. To maintain a healthy relationship, you have to be very careful and never surrender to the risk of losing the other. A couple is above all two entities that form a whole.

Definition of the fusional relation?

A fusional relationship results in its exclusive character. Both partners are self-sufficient to be happy and live in total symbiosis. The rest of the world no longer exists, there is no place for anything other than their relationship. The two partners usually have the same tastes, the same desires and can not live without each other more than a few hours and with some sms! Looking at them, it seems that they live the thunderbolt every day and that the excitement of the first moments of the relationship is never gone.

When we share a intense relationship with someone, the other becomes indispensable and one always feels a sensation of lack when he is not there. We would like to be able to spend all our time with the loved one, without ever having to separate. The complicity is very strong and we have the feeling of living in perfect harmony with each other. We love our half so much that we become addicted.

If the relationship is perceived in the same way by both partners, the balance of the couple will be ensured. In a fusional relationship, we forget ourselves completely to think only about common interests. Love is then limitless and we would be ready to do anything for the person we love. The feelings exceed the measure and the agreement between the two partners seems unalterable.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is common to feel this blazing passion which binds us to the other. This is a phase of the relationship that does not last very long. After, the desire for independence must be felt and each member of the couple will wish to differentiate a little from the other. Both will want to distance themselves from each other in order to make the relationship healthy and balanced, where everyone has their own life while being there for the other and continuing to pull it up.

A fusional story can slip ...

We may want to lock ourselves in fusional relationship, for lack of self-confidence or simply to be close to each other, but there are limits to not crossing for one's own safety. Everyone must keep his individuality apart from the couple.

Keeping up with one's own circle of friends outside of one's half allows for a healthier relationship. To make outings each one of its side makes it possible to preserve our personality. And if everyone has their own activities, there will be more things to to tell once the loved one found.

In case of break

Thus, in case of rupture, the consequences would be dramatic. During the relationship, they convinced themselves that it was impossible for them to live one without the other and that they no longer have their own identity. They forget their personality and the fact that they were both full-fledged people before their couple. After the breakup, they will be out of total reference and will feel they do not exist. This behavior can sometimes lead to love depression.

To be too much locked in a fusional relationship, self-esteem decreases greatly. We feel unable to do anything without our partner. One is subjected to the other, and even in emotional dependence. To too much to be stuck to the other, we forget our own tastes, our desires and our ambitions. We do not know who we are resulting in a total loss of identity, the famous: " I am nothing without him ".

Relationship too fusional, a danger for oneself and for the couple!

To practice activities alone contributes to the development of a person and allows one to fulfill oneself as a human being. Having couples activities is not to be avoided!

It just needs to not go beyond our own needs and desires. We must continue to see ourselves as a singular being, with our own strength, and to be recognized by society as an individual identity and not constantly associated with anyone else.

In passionate storythere is a great risk of losing one's identity and doing nothing alone. The same goes for the fusional relationship.Thus, if they think that their couple is self-sufficient, their social life will gradually diminish. At first, they will have the same social circle and will go out with the same people at the same time. Then after a while, this social circle will be reduced. Indeed, it is very cute to observe a fusion couple but it can quickly become annoying for those around them.

Their relatives, friends and families, will get tired of them all the time in two, in their bubble, and no longer be able to share unique and private moments with only one of the two members of the couple. They will then know a social remoteness and shut themselves up in a golden bubble. The day this bubble burst, they will find themselves alone and will not know where to turn for help to mourn their relationship.

Subsequently, asserting your difference in the couple can be a stimulant. Always agreeing with someone about absolutely everything loses their interest and it is not necessarily intellectually exciting. Occasional confrontations from time to time lead the relationship to progress, as there is evidence that arguments sometimes make the couple move forward. This can give us a different perspective on certain aspects and broaden our field of knowledge while having the opportunity to question its own view of things.

A couple is the sum of two individuals who shoot each other up. A couple too fusional has a reductive side and we easily forget its own values ​​and ideas to make use only those of the other.

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