7 Questions to help you be happier at work


Are you happy at work? Could you be more so? At this beginning of the year, what resolutions could you take to achieve this? To find out, take the test of the Seven Dwarves Snow White, designed by Jerome Frizzera-Mogli. Shy, Atchoum, or Simplet symbolize each in their own way a facet of happiness at work. The proof! they are never absent and in addition, they whistle while working. And you, how could you whistle while working?

By Jerome Frizzera-Mogli

The work is "unhappy" at the beginning of the year.

There are those who do not have work.

There are more than 3, 5 million unemployed people in France.

There are those who do not have enough work.

The "gig economy" or the economy of freelancers, platforms and precarious makes the end of the month difficult.

There are those who have work but who are bored.

Do you know the boron-out? It's when boredom at work makes you sick.

There are those who have too much work.

Burnout has become as contagious as the flu. More than 20 million French people have been affected throughout their career ( source! Le Figaro - CFDT survey ).

So how to talk about happiness at work when the work itself is unhappy? How to be concrete on the subject for good resolutions at the beginning of the year?

Let's ask the best experts. Shy, Atchum, Simplet ... The Seven Dwarfs of Snow White. Why are they experts? Because they hiss while working. Everyone symbolizes a facet of happiness at work. Let's see the Seven Dwarfs.

1. Shy: Compensation

The Seven Dwarves are certainly paid in precious stones. But no more than enough. We recognize the Greek wisdom! "Never too much." The inscription was on the second pillar of the temple of Delphi, echoing the inscription "Know Thyself", inscribed on the first pillar.

What does "Never again" mean? The formula can encourage us to differentiate between our needs and our desires. Satisfying one's needs is normal. To satisfy one's desires is endless.

Why Shy ? He does not dare to ask. He does not know his needs. We are often too shy in our dealings with money.

And you? Do you dare to ask for an increase in 2018? The wisdom of the philosopher Marc Aurèle can help you. Stoic wisdom proposes to distinguish the elements of life that are in your control domain from those that are not.

What is your area of ​​control?

Request. Prepare to ask well. Show results to better ask.Have a plan B ...

What is not?


And remember: "Never too much. "

2. Atchoum: working conditions

This is the material context of work practice. Light, noise, odors, the right to work at home, reasonable hours, concierge, transport time ... All these factors affect our perception of happiness in the office. After, all that glitters is not gold. Ping-pong and table football are sometimes RH mischief. To you to decode ...

Why Atchoum? He is often sick. He gets cold because of the humidity of the cave.

And you? Will you accept this job proposal in 2018? She shines on the paper. It only remains to sign. Look at sites like Glassdoor. com. They are like a "Trip Advisor" working conditions with comments from former employees.

3. Simplet: Labor Relations

The psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, director of a study of happiness that lasted more than seventy-five years at Harvard, tells us the same thing. It is the quality of the relationship that takes precedence. We know the saying. We come for a company. We leave because of a person.

Why Simplet? He knows how to smile, knows how to please. It's very simple human relations. What is more complicated is toxic relationships. This is another story.

And you? How to improve your working relationship this year? "Apps" and sites exist now to constantly take the pulse of human relations. Some large companies have already abandoned annual interviews and replaced them with collective and permanent monitoring. Look for example the solution Jubiwee. com. To make your human resources department discover?